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Solar Energy is the Best Choice

When choosing your solar panel conversion installer, you want to get not only the best value for your investment, you also want the best installation team to do the work. That's why Solar Kit Sulutions works with only the best, certified installers who will get the job done quickly and efficiently. We know that having a work crew around the house can be disrupting to your regular schedule. That's why we supply your installer with a complete custom installation kit designed for your project. Everything is included from the solar panels, to the inverters, to the mounting hardware all the way down to every wire, screw, nut and bolt needed. Not having to order components from several suppliers makes the installation process go much faster and smoother.

Solar Kit Solutions also has a warranty that is tops in the solar industry with 25 years on your panels*. We make sure you will be satisfied with a system that requires little to no maintenance and will give you years of service and savings.

With the rising cost of energy, isn't it time you look into the many advantages of solar electricity?

(* See warranty details for more information)

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